What's With All the Satanic Crap Everywhere?

Hey parents, are you letting your kids buy satanic fashion? I realize it’s all the rage, what with Katy Perry wearing horns and burning herself at the stake surrounded by gyrating demonic worshipers, but I really want to know. Who is buying this stuff? I was in the mall the other day and my girls love the store Hot Topic because it carries Harry Potter trinkets and superhero t-shirts. While they were browsing, I spotted this stuff:

Is witchcraft and satanism so mainstream now that it’s right next to Marvel gear? I guess this shouldn’t surprise me since the entire music industry has gone completely over to the dark side in recent years. To my knowledge, it really began in earnest with Madonna’s Super Bowl occult show in 2012. Watching it now seems tame compared to what came after it, but it was creepy nonetheless. When she took the field she was dragged by 100 or so Roman soldiers on a golden throne like a queen (or goddess?) with Egyptian symbolism everywhere. It gave me the heebie-jeebies.

YouTube screenshot/Madonna Super Bowl 2012

That performance seemed to light the signal for the even faster rapid decline of the music industry (that my mother always said was satanic). Now they’re right out in the open with their in-your-face demonism. To be fair, there was a lot of satanic stuff before 2012, but something happened to bring it into the mainstream in recent years. Kanye West put out one of the creepiest videos I’ve ever seen with his song “Power” a few years before Madonna’s Super Bowl stunt.

YouTube screenshot/Kanye West Power

Nice devil horns and more Egyptian cult symbolism, eh? This isn’t even the creepiest part. The MTV Video Music Awards and the Grammys turned into a contest to see who could scare the most children. Katy Perry got into the act at the Grammys, pole dancing on a broom and then lighting herself on fire. No, really.

YouTube screenshot/Katy Perry 2014 Grammys

I stopped paying attention to popular music a long time ago and now I remember why. Why are they doing this? Is this really what fans want to see? I’m old enough to remember when the video below was the coolest thing any of us had ever seen. Why can’t videos be like this?

Several years ago YouTubers with a lot of time on their hands would scour videos looking for signs of the “Illuminati” or satanic symbols. But now they’re indisputably everywhere.

Katy Perry with conspicuous all-seeing eye (YouTube screenshot)

Seriously, what is this?

Are they making fun of the conspiracy theorists or is the jig up and they’re just out in the open now? Who knows, but it’s weird and I’m getting tired of it. I can easily ignore what’s on TV (we don’t watch it) or skip the awards shows (I’d rather eat paste) but I can’t ignore what they’re selling at my kids’ favorite store.

Really, people? You can’t have a good summer without a pentagram bikini? What is it exactly about satanism that’s so intriguing to the kids? Is it the eternal damnation or the terrible makeup choices? Whatever it is, you’d better talk to your kids now before they end up at one of the Podestas’ spirit cooking dinners ingesting unmentionables.


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