Transgendered Track Star Proves We're All Insane

Imagine this: Your daughter has been training and running track for four years. She’s a senior and she’s made it to the state finals. College recruiters are in the stands and this is her day to shine (and possibly get a scholarship so you don’t have to go bankrupt trying to fund her education). Except that doesn’t happen for her because a boy, claiming to be a girl, handily steals the title from her. She’s devastated, but when asked how she feels about it, she’s terrified to be truthful that she (rightly) feels she was robbed by someone who shouldn’t have been competing against her.

“I can’t really say what I want to say, but there’s not much I can do about it,” Kate Hall said after the race, alluding to the fact that she had to compete against Andraya Yearwood, a biological boy.

This was the moment when feminism died. You could argue that it was when the feminist left refused to stand up for the rights of Muslim women who are stoned and beaten for being raped. That is a valid point. But for sure, any surviving remnant of the movement is now just as dead as the spider I encountered in the car while driving today — beaten mercilessly with a shoe (to much screaming). How can a movement that claims to be for women survive staying silent (and even siding with the man) in this scenario? That boy (who couldn’t even bother to shave his mustache) may have stolen a girl’s very future, and no one cares. I searched the usual places, like the Huffington Post and Jezebel, for articles on this travesty and came up empty. Dead silence. Are they all in an emergency meeting with Gloria Steinem and Lena Dunham, planning how they’ll explain this one away? You can’t find one feminist perspective on this story on a Google search. Why not? 

Remember when Target decided that men who identify as women (whether they were dressed like women or not) could use the bathrooms and changing rooms reserved for women and we said we wouldn’t know who was for real and who was a predator? We were laughed at and derided, as usual. Well, now we have a boy with a mustache who “identifies as a girl” winning track titles against girls. How do we know he really identifies as a girl? He has no outward appearance of any such thing. He isn’t taking hormones. He doesn’t appear to have breasts and he doesn’t even shave his facial hair. His body is completely male (so are his voice and demeanor) and yet we are supposed to accept his word for it that he’s a girl inside … somewhere. How do we know he’s not just working the system to get an advantage — and a scholarship — he couldn’t actually get if he competed with the boys? This used to be called “cheating” back when everyone was sane.

But we aren’t sane anymore. We have inmates running the asylum and those of us pointing it out are labeled haters and “phobes” of one kind or another. Meanwhile, girls who have worked hard and sacrificed much are being cheated out of what they’ve rightfully earned, and the women who claim to champion them say nothing. There’s a real War on Women happening and it’s coming from the trans lobby that wants to take over every single aspect of women’s rights, reducing biological women to second-class citizens trailing behind men in skirts.

I blame the parents of the competitors. If they had any guts at all they would loudly and vociferously object to this and demand that the trophy be given to a biological female. If not, before long, no female will ever be allowed to win another sport because they’ll all favor mediocre boys who want trophies and scholarships and their fifteen minutes of fame. The time to end the insanity is now. And the “feminists” aren’t going to help.