'Jeopardy' Champion—and Children's Author—Ken Jennings the Latest to Bully Barron Trump

We are constantly barraged with Trump detractors claiming that he is, above all things, a bully—and a bully is the worst kind of human being on the planet. Consider the following headlines:

Trump The Bully, President Trump’s Bully Mentality, The Biggest Bully in Ms. Campo’s Class: Donald Trump, Donald Trump Inspired a Sickening Tide of Bullying in Americas’ Schools … and these are just the first four selections from Google when searching “Trump is a bully.”

Parents hear the word “bully” and instantly get angry because if their little darlings are bullied they want to stop it immediately! Calling the president a “bully” has been somewhat effective for weak-minded folks who don’t pay much attention. After all, everyone is calling him a bully so it must be true. We’ve been indoctrinated into “anti-bullying” campaigns at high schools (most of which are thinly veiled radical gay political proselytizing), but American parents are sympathetic people and so anything that is “anti-bullying” must be good, right?

So what happens when the same people who are constantly hammering Trump for being a bully get caught bullying his eleven-year-old son Barron on Twitter? The Democratic left is busy deriding Barron Trump for being frightened after seeing a widely circulated photo on the Internet of the bloodied head of his father, held by unfunny comedian Kathy Griffin. Even children’s author Ken Jennings has gotten in on the “fun” of mocking a traumatized child.

What a jackass! I hope his publisher drops him like a rock. How can a children’s author bully a child on Twitter and still be a children’s author? According to the Left’s new standards of behavior, anyone who offends the public sentiment deserves to be run out of their jobs and destroyed. So let’s have Ken Jennings’ head on a platter, shall we?

I refuse to carry on as normal in a society where people can treat a child in this way publicly and get away with it. Recall that these same types of anti-Trump people have claimed all along that “love Trumps hate” and that Trump is the evil bad guy we all need to recoil from … and then they squeal with delight when an eleven-year-old child is traumatized by a photograph of a very realistic depiction of the severed head of his beloved father. This is evil.

Jennings’ publisher, Simon & Schuster, has solidified themselves as being completely sensitive to the plight of children. After all, they did just drop Milo Yiannopoulos’s book, “Dangerous,” because he appeared to not be properly scandalized by his own experience with child abuse. Will Simon & Schuster continue that high standard of morality and drop Jennings for bullying a child in public? Milo was dropped for far less, talking about himself as a child. Surely, Jennings will be let go for ridiculing someone else’s child!

The rules of decency are far gone and contrary to the left’s insistence that it’s Donald Trump’s fault, every indecent thing being done in the days since his election is being done by the “anti-bully” left. Have you figured out who the real bullies are yet?