'The Bravest Knight' Fairy Tale Gives Us the LGBTQ Hero We've All Been Dreading

If you’ve got a subscription to Hulu and you’ve got kids, you might want to know that a new cartoon short has surfaced that looks pretty safe—but isn’t. “The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived” is based on a children’s book with a gay plot twist at the very end. I heard of this through a gay friend who sent me an outraged email letting me know he found this upsetting in the extreme and very unfair to parents. Unsuspecting parents might very easily turn this on thinking it must be a nice story about a brave knight, only to be unhappily fooled into a political morass at the end. Why is the LGBTQ lobby gunning for children so hard? Why isn’t this topic left up to parents to introduce as they see fit on their own timeline? Why must we do this to families? This cartoon is something a four-year-old would enjoy. Isn’t four a little young to be discussing sexual politics? I think so. I think seven is too young. I think 12 is about right, but that’s my opinion as a parent and it should be up to me when to introduce such adult topics.

The argument about “kids needing LGBTQ heroes” is stupid. Why? Why must everything be identity driven? Why does sexuality have to matter to toddlers? Civilization has survived just fine without this sly indoctrination for centuries. Not only does it upset parents, but it sets up the LGBTQ activists who push these sorts of things as the enemy of parents. Does the gay community really want to be associated with these people who insist that every kindergartner acquires the sexual knowledge of Caligula? They’re usually the ones behind the sex ed curriculum that includes bizarre sexual practices that are neither healthy nor safe, like when GLSEN introduced “fisting” to high schoolers. And if you want to pinpoint the moment Donald Trump won the election, I think we can safely zero in on the moment Barack Obama used Title IX to get boys into the girls’ locker rooms. If they don’t want to be seen as a threat to children, then maybe the gay lobby should stop promoting the early sexualization of children, the invasion of female privacy, and the spread of dangerous sexual practices dressed up as “education.” (By the way, using lube doesn’t protect the anus from prolapse, fissures, fecal incontinenceand an increased chance of cancer. Look at me, giving out actual education!)

But it’s just a nice fairy tale about a knight who loves a prince, you say. Not really. It’s the complete breakdown of tradition and family wrapped up in a cute cartoon and shoved down the throats of children. Turning our backs on tradition isn’t going to work out the way the envelope pushers think it will. Those of us struggling every day to hang onto those traditions and raise our children to do the same are growing ever tired of this. And there are plenty of gays who appreciate tradition and respect the innocence of children who are similarly beleaguered by the constant overreach of the far-left radical gay movement. I personally know several who find this kind of thing nauseating. Infiltrating children’s cartoons should be an embarrassment to the gay community, not a cause for celebration. Much like shuttering a pizza parlor whose owners voiced their opinion on gay marriage, the threats and intimidation were too big a pill for America to swallow. So will be gay cartoons for tots. When will the radical gay lobby learn? Americans are happy to let you live however you want to with all the freedoms and equality everyone else has, but you cannot force us (or our children) to laud or participate in your personal behaviors and beliefs.

Why is this so hard to understand?