Meet the Snoo Crib: The Most Brilliant Invention of 2016 for Tired Parents


Sleep-deprived parents of newborns, get ready to party (and by party I mean drool into your pillow for at least six hours uninterrupted). When I turned on the YouTubes today I couldn’t believe my eyes. The age of miracles and wonders is upon us! This new invention makes me want to have another baby. Meet the Snoo!

Here’s how it’s described on the company’s website:

SNOO boosts sleep for babies 0-6 months by imitating the rhythmic sensations babies enjoy 24/7 in the womb. When a baby wakes at night, SNOO detects fussing and delivers the right amount of sound and motion to help lull the baby back to sleep.

SNOO comes with a patented “5-second swaddle” that attaches to the sleeper to keep babies on their backs. For the first time in history, parents can rest assured that their baby remains in a safe position, all night long.

This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. As a veteran mom with three kids under my belt I can tell you this works without even trying it. There’s no way it wouldn’t work. It’s got everything a baby needs including a tiny straightjacket. There is nothing about this I don’t love. We are truly living in an episode of the Jetsons, finally! It’s like a lifelong dream come true! I fully expect an automated closet that will bathe you, dress you, and do your makeup and hair within the next ten years.

I don’t know or care how much this thing costs; if I have another baby I’m going to mortgage something to get it. As usual, the naysayers are out in force.

“Anyone who thinks it’s OK to strap a baby down like that and let that machine shake it about while they sleep soundly needs their head looked at!” one Facebook user said of the device.

Clearly, that was said by a person who has never had a colicky baby keep them up for three days in a row. Sure, some people (very few) might not hold their baby enough because of this, but most people can’t get enough of their little ones and if they’re nursing, there will be plenty of contact. But no child ever suffered from getting uninterrupted hours of sleep. Sleep is a great thing for babies and parents. The advertising on this could be better. In some of the ads, the company claims that co-sleeping is unsafe. This is not true. I don’t even need to give you studies (although there are lots of them) that debunk this because I have co-slept with all three of my babies with no problems whatsoever. However, sometimes Mommy needs a break and the deep sleep that only comes when the baby is in a crib. Co-sleeping is great, but your body is keenly aware all night long of the little one tucked in next to you. It doesn’t allow for deep, healing sleep. I can’t tell you how many times my fist flew in the middle of the night toward my husband because he dared change positions. Co-sleeping mamas are on high alert.

This device doesn’t replace co-sleeping but would aid anyone who just wants to get a good night’s sleep once in a while. Whether you used it a few times a week or even just for nap times, this crib is genius. As for the hysteria over “strapping a baby down,” that too is ludicrous. Babies love being swaddled up in little straightjackets and restricted. It’s like being in the womb. It feels safe and secure to them. Newborns don’t like flailing limbs akimbo. The fastest way to calm a newborn is to swaddle her tightly and strap her to you. Restriction and swaddling are calming. It is a fact every parent should know.

Expecting parents, put this on your wish list. It’s going to change your life.

Watch the video of babies quickly calming down in the comfort of their Snoos on the next page.