Weiner Apologists Are Out of Their Freaking Minds

Lately, it’s difficult to discern if what you are reading in the news is an actual article or satire from The Onion. The opinions of many lately appear to be so deranged that no amount of explanation can make heads or tails of it. For instance, take the opinion of blogger Megan Zander at “SheKnows” on Anthony Weiner, the sex-crazed weirdo husband of Hillary gal pal Huma Abedin, who has been caught sexting again—except this time his crotch shots included his toddler son in the background. In response to this, Zander tittered,

…is sending a sexual text or (gasp!) daring to get sexually aroused while there’s a kid around really that awful of a thing? …Sexting isn’t just for single 20-somethings; it’s for parents too, and we shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed about doing it.

Except that Weiner wasn’t sending those sexts to his wife. He was violating his marriage and family by sending pictures of his erection with his son in the frame. He sent those photos to strangers. There is absolutely nothing okay about that, and anyone who wants to try and say it is okay needs to have her head examined. The New York City Administration for Children’s Services is officially investigating Weiner, and rightly so. A person who would send a “sexy” (gag) photo to someone with his son in the picture has major issues. He is not safe to be around children. He is a ticking time bomb. He is a degenerate.

Comparing him to married parents who are keeping their sex lives alive even with the challenge of children is way off base. Parents with healthy sex lives are not comparable to a sex-obsessed maniac with no self-control who calls himself “Carlos Danger” and seeks out one risky sexcapade after another with women who aren’t his wife. Weiner’s behavior is not in the same ballpark or even the same universe as “acceptable adult sexuality.”

Further, Weiner is in the public eye and is being closely watched after his first screw-up. He should know better than to take more photos of his crotch and send them out over the cell phone wires for the world to see. Even if he were sending those photos to Huma, it’s still absurdly stupid in an age when hackers are releasing private photos every day. It’s hard to believe Weiner can tie his shoes by himself let alone care for a child.

Have we really sunk so low into sexual depravity that some of us can’t see that including children in the juvenile sexting obsession is reprehensible and bordering on (or crossing the line into) criminal? Seriously, America? WTF.