TGIFH! Thank Goodness It's Fuller House!

I was just exclaiming the other day how Netflix has made it possible for me to give my children the TV childhood I had, featuring sitcoms like “Family Ties,” “The Cosby Show,” and “The Andy Griffith Show” whenever we want to watch them. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have made navigating modern TV so much easier. We don’t watch cable unless it’s football, and even then, I find myself lurching for the remote and screaming “COVER YOUR EYES!” during commercial breaks and halftime shows. It’s no secret that mainstream television, even prime time, is saturated with explicit sexual content and violence. I’ve given up hope that there’s anything appropriate for my children to watch on cable that isn’t a nature show. But Netflix and Amazon Prime give me commercial-free peace of mind with the ability to lock up inappropriate shows with the touch of a button. What a relief! One terrific side effect is that my children have hardly ever seen a commercial.

And Netflix, an honest to goodness miracle company, is about to make our lives even better. It’s official. My house is in full-on TGIFH mode: Thank Goodness It’s Fuller House!” Candace Cameron Bure is about to become the biggest star in my living room and I can’t wait for my girls to snuggle up with me on my couch and fall in love with the “Full House” continuation hitting Netflix this week in the same way I loved watching Candace and her co-stars back on the original show in the 1990s, on ABC’s legendary “TGIF” Friday nights. Finally, a family-friendly blast from my nostalgic past that I can happily watch with my girls. A show that Hollywood hasn’t ruined like it did with the “My Little Pony” and “Jem” revamps (which destroyed everything good about two favorite brands from the ’80s and early ’90s to make them “hip” for today’s cesspool of a culture).

Sadly, like everything good, the critics are already out in force declaring “Fuller House” a flop (before anyone has watched it). But Netflix should rest easy because 99% of the time, when the critics hate something, the general public is sure to disagree. Entertainment Weekly gave it a scathing review declaring,

Fuller House doesn’t deserve your devotion. It deserves a foreclosure notice. Premiere: F

That nasty review alone makes me want to love it.

You know what doesn’t deserve our devotion? TV shows that could double as soft-core porn piped into our living rooms at 8 p.m. I’ve enjoyed the twists and turns of “How to Get Away with Murder,” but the detours into weirder and weirder sex scenes with no plot relevance make me cringe. All the big letter networks are the true failures for refusing to produce family-friendly television, despite the popularity of such shows. Even my favorite new show, “The Goldbergs,” isn’t something I would okay for my kids with bleeped out F-words every other episode. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious, just not 100% family friendly.)

“Fuller House” promises to be exactly like the original. Cheesy, saccharine and family-safe. Perfect! We’re going to love every minute of it. Another plus is having an actress on screen that I won’t be worried about my kids wanting to know more about. I watched Bure grow up under immense pressure and scrutiny and now, as an adult, she has faced hell on earth, in the form of the firing squad that is the cackling cast of “The View,” and the Twitter trolls who think it’s funny to threaten death and rape for being an outspoken Christian. Bure has shined through all of it. And it’s not easy. This culture is downright hostile to anyone who believes the Bible is true. And yet, there’s Bure, still standing and doing her own thing anyway. Good for her! She deserves encouragement and support for making family-friendly entertainment that will delight a whole new generation of kids.

And I’m not the only one who is excited about “Fuller House.” If the comments on this Entertainment Weekly article are any indication, you’re excited too.

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