Is Gender Hysteria Taking Over Homeschooling, Too?!?!


Alright, WHAT is going on? I realize the culture is saturated in gender weirdness and our society is dominated by “social justice warriors” of all kinds. In fact, they’ve completely taken over the schools with their indoctrination sessions anti-bullying campaigns and their “comprehensive sex ed” which usually includes things you can’t even mention on a family website (click with caution). I reached my limit with the nonsense a long time ago and opted to pull my family as far out of the cultural slop as possible, which is why we homeschool. School is supposed to be a place where you can collect leaves, identify trees, learn math, read great books, and create art without having your childhood rudely interrupted by pedophiles who want to talk to minor children about the intimate details of their sex lives.

And all the homeschooling parents I know feel exactly the same way. All of them. So excuse my shock and dismay, but I almost fell out of my chair when I opened this email from a popular Christian homeschooling source a few days ago.

Dear Megan,

Wow, were we blindsided yesterday!

We sent out the note about our big sale on
yesterday morning and several folks were thrilled to get a copy
… but we also received a bunch of replies
chastising us for even offering such a resource.
(The Girl’s Guide, that is. Not a peep about the Boy’s Guide.)

According to several readers, it is no longer “politically correct” for us

to offer guides like this… and they didn’t mince words about it:

What followed seemed like it was taken straight off the pages of Jezebel (a popular man-hating sight)

“I can’t believe my eyes. For girls? Really? Home skills are great – boys need them too.
Perhaps more so. Yuck – what a message this sends to our daughters. I will NOT be
buying this. And if you have more of these messages coming, please take me off
your email list.”

“In a time when women are still fighting to be seen as equals to men in
all aspects of our society (all over the world), I find it disturbing that a
guide such as this would be encouraged for young girls. Why not offer
a guide to all young children, both girls and boys? Is it necessary for us
to continue pushing the age old stereotype of women staying at home
to cook and clean? Why are home skills “girl stuff” anyway? And “reality” is what we make it –
I know several men who stay home and do the lion’s share of the homemaking.
This gender split is unnecessary, perpetuates an outdated model of living,
and is, at the very least, poor marketing.”

“…REALLY???!!! Of all the lessons we need to teach our children, a curriculum
really should NOT be GENDER DIVIDED. Nor should it be based on such topics
as housecleaning, hunting, and the like when there is so many more skills that are
necessary and that may not be learned in a curriculum format. My daughter…
can learn home skills outside of her lesson time by simply watching my husband and me.
I realize that boys and girls are different, but when it comes to teaching the basics,
we don’t need to EMPHASIZE or DEGRADE what one gender learns over the other.
My daughter has a world of opportunities. We live in AMERICA! This is 2015!
Please, PLEASE don’t put lessons out there that are OPPRESSIVE.
Gender based learning such as what you presented is ENTIRELY UNACCEPTABLE!


Oh. My. Goodness. How is this happening…to homeschoolers? We are the last bastion of free thought and traditional values left in this country (possibly the world). I can only hope that some non-homeschooling activists got ahold of this email and sent it around to the outrage machine for laughs. I admit that I have no idea why a person who believes in “gender equality” and in “gender choice” and does not subscribe to Biblical roles for the sexes would ever homeschool in the first place. All their values–and I mean every single last one of them–are being taught gleefully in the public schools! Why would anyone who loves the direction we are going NOT put their kid in the institutions leading the charge?




















Please, SJWs, leave the homeschoolers alone. You have every other facet of the world, must you dominate literally everything with your nonsense?

The only good part about this is the loud backlash that came from the “real” homeschool community about this drivel:

I think the books are great. Boys and Girls are created different and I think this helps prepare them to become what God created them to be. I have a boy and i think there are certain things that are essential to help him become a man, and this book is more of a guide to touch on things that i might not have thought of.  We have gender roles because we have 2 different genders!-doesn’t mean one cant do the other! – Jill R.


Thank you for this beautifully written email and thank you for saying things that are hard to say! (Though I’m still not certain why it’s so taboo to mention that boys and girls might be different…) I want my girls to grow up knowing that the Lord made them girls on purpose and that’s GOOD! And I want my son to be confident in being made a boy! I would be so sad for them to be ashamed of being themselves. Different is beautiful and I love that you stuck to your guns and stuck up for our kids. – Keri V.


I’d like to just say THANK YOU for continuing to define the beautiful, God-given (and in NO way discriminatory) differences between boys and girls!  I’m not surprised by the backlash you received, but it still makes me very sad.  Gender distinction is SO important, and the lines become more blurred (or erased)by the school year.  Gender distinction should never be equated to discrimination, superiority, or an affront to equality.  We are all equal in God’s eyes.  Two halves making a perfect whole.  Two opposites harmonizing with one another.  – Anna H.


I want to thank you and applaud you for the beautiful Girl’s and Boy’s Guides to Home Skills.  Of course boys’ and girls’ activities can overlap in the home and there’s nothing wrong with that.  What is wrong is that women have lost sight of their femininity and men, their masculinity and it’s all because of the blending of the sexes.  Women and men are EQUAL yet inherently different and we should applaud their differences, not be offended by them.  There’s nothing offensive whatsoever about your Guides – we need MORE like them to bring back the sadly lost traditions. Thank you once again and God bless you, Anna B.

Girls ought to know how to cook and clean and care for babies. And boys ought to know how to fix a toilet, build something, fix something and lift heavy stuff. Are those things in any way limiting their growth as  human beings? If a girl learns how to sew, does that mean she can’t also be a doctor? If a boy learns to build a house, does it mean he can’t also be a teacher? GOOD GRIEF STOP IT ALREADY! The whole world is your  rotten oyster. Homeschooling communities are the last pearl in an ocean of sludge where there is no confusion about faith, God, “gender” and what equality means.

The homeschooling community needs to fight this infiltration hard and the first thing you can do is go buy these books. 

And by the way, that picture at the top of the page is the result of my oppressive education…an awesome hoodie and matching pants for my son. If there’s some sort of disaster, my kids will be clothed properly because I can make an outfit out of a potato sack. What can gender warriors–who don’t allow their kids to sew– make other than trouble?