PJ Media's Best of the Web — 10/13

We had our first crisp fall evening tonight.  Sweatshirts, fire outside and hot bowls of soup at the picnic table, it was good for our souls.  Fall is the best time of the year!


Don’t these look delicious?  I have a whole lot of apples waiting for me this weekend, and now I have a plan to make some delicious hand pies.  I hear it makes you an all-star neighbor if you take some next door, too!

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In a world where technology is a necessary evil, it’s hard to know when to start your kids with cell phones.  And even harder to set boundaries on your own cell phone usage.  This is a refreshing viewpoint weighing the pros and cons of cell phones and technology for your family from a balanced perspective.

I want to make it clear that I know there are so many GOOD things about technology as well as these ones I’m worried about.  There is so much ability to connect in different ways and spread light and goodness in other ways too.  This blog is technology for crying out loud, and I’m so grateful to have a journal and a record of our family as well as a way to connect with others who help me see the big picture of life and who I can learn so much from.  But even something like this makes me think.  Is it taking me away from my family too much?  Is it taking others away from theirs?  What’s the balance?

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While Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday to celebrate, I am learning to embrace it because my kids are old enough to enjoy it!

Sweaters, pumpkin spice, boots and goblins. What more could you need?

Fall is a gorgeous time of year that lends itself to so many fun family activities. From Thanksgiving celebrations to the spooky good times of Halloween, there is so much you can enjoy with your family, indoors and out.

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We are studying anatomy in our homeschool this year, and I couldn’t resist these super cute skeletons!  Oh the possibilities for your kids (and your) imagination!

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Don’t we all feel exhausted?  This refreshing perspective from a Mom with little ones was a challenge and an encouragement to me!

My copping method to dealing with these new challenges has been escape. Whether that be binge watching T.V. once they are in bed (which is taking considerably more effort to get them into bed these days), or on the more extreme side trying to take vacations away from them to regain some energy and motivation. I love my children and want to be a present, loving mother to them. I thought getting away from them for a few days would help me reengage with them and leave me feeling refreshed.

Well here’s what’s actually ended up happening. I am finding myself more empty and un-refreshed than ever before. The more time I take for myself, the more distance I create, the less satisfied I become. Harnessing Happy


How do you plan on spending your weekend?