PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—September 1

Where did August go?  Here in Ohio, we are enjoying a lovely stretch of fall-like weather. Cool mornings and evenings lend to hoodies and patio fires and s’mores. Recently, my 95-year-old Grandpa was over for dinner, and we introduced him to his first ever s’mores!  That was one of our summer highlights for sure.


“No longer a dusty violin that’s seeking permission to play. (Validity and acceptance first; only then will it play.) For she’s slowly learning that that’s not how the violin wants to be played. The violin wants to play without permission to play. It longs to triumph over feelings of insecurity, and so that’s the only way it must play.

“So she packs them up in the car and heads to church, her husband in hand. It’s a new week and a new chance for her to show her colors and be who she knows she can be.”


“In times of uncertainty, our brains start spinning. We ride the anxiety carousel, imagining countless possible outcomes/conversations, while nothing is being improved or becoming more clear. And this carousel keeps us from affecting what matters most: living daily and hourly according to our life’s purpose. Here’s the short phrase that’s saving me these days:

“What is now? What is next?”

One of my favorite sites,


Whatever setbacks, struggles, or past failures that you’ve experienced in life, love, or creativity, you’re going to be ok.  Instead of thinking like an adult, the best thing you can do for your life is to start thinking like a child again. Thinking like a child helps reduce the chaos of the everyday world while also invigorating your spirits.”

Positively Positive


It’s soup season! I love to start a pot of simmering soup in the late afternoon and enjoy an evening with a warm bowl!  Here are several delicious choices!

The Girl Who Ate Everything


In the same spirit of fall, give me pumpkin everything! This season seems so short, so I like to start squeezing my pumpkin quota in as early as possible!

Mom on Time Out


How was your weekend?

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