PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web — August 25

We officially started school this week, and oddly enough, it’s been a lot of fun! This is our third year homeschooling, but our first year schooling two kiddos! What a joy to watch them enjoy learning. The recipes and blogs listed below are meant to be an encouragement to you and a quick go-to for recipes, as we are all in the same boat this week!


At the beginning of another school year, I am trying to drill the idea of grace into my mind and heart.

I realized long ago that if I didn’t cultivate happiness through each day, I would never be happy. If I waited until all of my family were more mature, I might be waiting until Jesus comes back. The reality of living in a fallen world means that I must adjust my expectations to a fallen world or I will always be disappointed.

“As godly mothers, we strive to make the best possible decisions, set the perfect boundaries, and have the correct rules that we believe will somehow cultivate “spiritual” children. However, we can’t by sheer force or the right rules or the right devotional curriculum make our children spiritual.”

Sally Clarkson 


Need a quick dinner? Look no more. Perfect for a quick meal before dance, sports, or just a relaxing night at home (when does that ever happen?).

The Chunky Chef


Breakfast is the hardest meal for me to plan, and the least likely to be made well because my coffee never hits me soon enough!  This delicious (and easy!) recipe is sure to be a winner with the whole family!

Cooking Classy


I’d like to apologize right now for this recipe. But, I think all moms and dads who are starting the school year deserve a chance at this dessert — which can also double as a breakfast or lunch. Spread the love folks, you’ll make immediate friends!

Carlsbad Cravings


A perfect reminder for this mom to make time for her kids. In the mundane, in the midst of everyday life.

While there needs to be time for work, self-care, marriage, church, quiet time, ministry, and managing a household – where do we fit in those intentional times with our children? For me, it has to be in the midst of the daily grind. I have to learn to let go in some areas and invite my children to come along with me. I have to be okay with not having it all together. I have to tell myself every morning that while I have many things on my list, my children are more important than most of those items.

“One of my biggest fears in parenting is that I will wake up 20 years from now and realized I missed such amazing opportunities to just love on and cherish my boys. They are wild and messy, but they are also beautiful and loving. They absorb everything around them. And I don’t want them to ever doubt for one second how much their mommy loves them.”

A Momma’s Joy


How did you enjoy your weekend?

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