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August is finally here! I can say that because we homeschool and don’t have the usual back-to-school baggage to work through.  This time of year is always so exciting: new pencils, old friends, and the end of hot and sticky summer days.  Not to mention the promise of new beginnings and fresh starts!


Folks, this site will blow your mind!  It’s the answer to moms everywhere.  A full month of meal planning done, with normal food and a menu that doesn’t break the bank!

Head over to Confessions of a Homeschooler for fresh ideas and meal plans!


Here we are at the beginning of a new school year and I can testify that whatever good habits I had last year have gotten a bit stale over the summer months. Here’s hoping new habits prevail!

Life happens! Sometimes we just get busy and we’re unable to complete whatever habit it is that we’re trying to build. And on those days we need to give ourselves grace, but the next day, we need to show up once again and add another X to our chart.

Just a Girl and a Blog


With three little ones under foot and another on the way, I found this article incredibly helpful and encouraging!

“Sitting in church last Sunday I noticed my friend’s family a few rows in front of us, their three teenage girls all sitting side by side.  Something in the way they sat there struck me.  There was so much love on that row!
“I know, weird that I could recognize love from some girls just sitting there listening in sacrament meeting, and I can’t even really explain why I could feel it.  It’s not like they were talking or communicating.  But there was just unspoken love on that row.  Lots of it.  It reminded me that Grace had told me once how she wanted us to be like that family.  She had noticed how kindly they treat each other and craved that more in our family.  (Sure, our girls are generally pretty nice to each other, but Grace felt that this family is the “rolls royce” of “nice.”)
“I grabbed my friend for a minute after church and picked her brain about how she created that love.
It’s tough to put a finger on something like that on the spot, but as we talked, she came up with some thoughts as well.”

71 Toes


It was the beginning of countless lessons that have taught me this truth: Moms need grit. The kind of resolve that helps us dig deep and do what’s best for our kids even when it’s hard on us.

“Parenting with grit doesn’t mean we don’t feel compassion for our kids. It means we love them enough to  step aside so they can step up. Sometimes we have to let them fail miserably, so they can figure out how to get it right.

We Are That Family


Here’s a great defense for creating a routine and giving grace at the same time!

Life doesn’t often fit into those neat little boxes of time. Life is messy, and life is creative, and life is all over the place. So after trying way too long and far too hard trying to make my perfect schedule work, I ditched schedules altogether. And started working into routines. You might think they sound like the same thing, but routines give you flexibility.”

Young Wife’s Guide


Enjoy your weekend!

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