PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web — July 21

The joys of simple days and lazy poolside adventures! We are enjoying summer vacation and all the rest that it has finally brought!


What a fun, simple, and refreshing idea! How easy to just pull out some summer fruit and ice and add lemonade! Just be sure to snap a picture.

Check out Small Fry for more ideas!


If this doesn’t inspire you to hit up your local farmer’s market this weekend, you are a lost cause!

Enter seasonal eating. It appeals to me on a soul-deep level, because it’s branded as a way to “get excited” about all the green stuff. Eating fruits and veggies when they’re in-season means they’re fresher (i.e., haven’t been shipped across country and left to wilt in a supermarket bin for days), which in turns means more flavor. A friend of mine once traveled to Italy and had “the best tomatoes of her life” and then claimed she couldn’t eat tomatoes from the grocery ever again because they “just weren’t the same.” Pretentious? Yes, but I’m seeing her side now that I’m on the whole “eat seasonal” bandwagon. When you eat a tomato fresh from the farm, you’re eating it how it was meant to be and thus getting the most tomato-y flavor from it. Which means you’re probably going to eat more tomatoes. Win, win.”

The Every Girl is inspirational, don’t miss it!


This was a wonderful wake-up call for me to be more vigilant about being present with my kiddos, and putting my electronics down.

“We are the ones who must be strong and disciplined as we model well for our kids what healthy technology use looks like.  We must be ready to stand firm when our children are upset about our rules. We must be willing to let our children be bored, to let them sit long enough without entertainment that they are spurred on by their imagination alone. We must encourage them to get messy in the backyard even if that means that sometimes they drag dirt back into the house. We need to be okay with pulling out pots and pans and flour and old recipe books and unafraid to stare at a sink full of sticky dishes after our children attempt to cook and bake. We need to prepare our walls for macaroni art and wax paper pressed leaves and flowers, to buy watercolor pallets and get used to a blue ring around the drain of the bathroom sink where the paint always seems to stick. “

The Better Mom always has great ideas and inspirations.


Do you have as much trouble as I do coming up with a chore list for your kids? I loved this post, with great recipes and ideas to get your whole family involved in the cleanup!

Head over to Clean Mama for a great cleaning list!


“Chores are important because they make children feel competent and helpful, as they are contributing to the family in a real way. I’ve noticed firsthand that the girls actually misbehave and act out more when they don’t have purposeful work to do. Idle hands and all that I suppose. It makes sense because I know I feel more fulfilled and happier when I feel I am contributing something meaningful to our family. We don’t pay money for chores, but we do inspect the job they did and praise them on their effort and results.”

A Healthy Slice of Life is a great resource for everyday needs.


Just so you realize you aren’t alone in your brain fog and road rage: Hear this Momma’s frustrations. Try not to smile….

“I had a conversation with one of my girlfriends last week about how mushy my brain has become. I swear I can’t remember anything. In the past week alone I’ve told Matt the same story twice in one day, I’ve left swim clothes on the counter for water play day at daycare, I’ve put a bag of chips in the refrigerator while cleaning the kitchen and the most embarrassing of all…I left my purse on the counter at Ulta over the weekend and didn’t realize it until I got home.”

North Carolina Charm will not disappoint, stop by and visit!


How was your weekend?

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