PJ Media's Parenting's Best of the Web — June 9

Welcome to summer! We are loving the break from normalcy—enjoying the pool, the heat, and the blue skies! Summer is a wonderful thing!


One of our goals this summer is to read in our home—every one of us, even down to the little ones who rely on Mom and Dad to read to them. We’ve enjoyed our weekly trips to the library for more audio books, and chapter books to add to our collection!  Here’s a collection of Reading Programs to get your reader started (not to mention, your own public library!).

Money Saving Queen is a great find for lots of resources!


We are in the midst of packing for our family vacation next week. Number 6 spoke directly to my list-loving heart! At the end, she has a printable packing list to get you started!

Follow If Only They Would Nap.


How delicious do these sound? Buttermilk Strawberry Muffins! You’ll find me in the kitchen, sampling one after another, for quality control purposes….

Head over to Cookies and Cups for more ideas!


I’m putting this on your radar early this year for the 4th of July!  Don’t let the simplicity fool you, there’s a surprise in the middle!

Brown Eyed Baker has lots of inspiration.


How was your weekend?

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