PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—April 28

After a short vacation last week in the form of a home-school convention, I returned ready to unpack our recently moved into home and start a new adventure! This week has been full of new home settling and new community exploring. Hope your start to spring has been a lovely one as well.


You can go ahead and forward this to any dads lacking creativity for Mother’s Day!  It covers everything from kitchen tools to clothing to relaxation. Your bases are covered, dads—you can thank A Moms Take!

Follow A Moms Take for great ideas!


I’m always looking for great, on-the-go breakfast options. And the fact that these are gluten-free makes them more appealing!  These are definitely on my to-do list this weekend!

Head over to Eat Live Run for lots of delicious recipes.


Since we just moved, I love the idea of reviving this tradition and bringing a smile to people’s faces! What a great way to teach my little ones how to spread kindness!

You can make up a simple basket and attach one of these darling tags. If you need ideas for May Day Baskets you can check out all our May Day Basket Ideas. Each year I try to come up with something new. It really depends each year if we have flowers blooming so some of the ideas use potted plants. That makes it super easy. If you do have flowers I love this pretty printable May Day Basket.”

Skip to My Lou is great for inspiration and crafting ideas.


                         I love the heart behind this article. A great reminder to be in your child’s corner, being an advocate, being a support.

“When the kids make up a game at recess and won’t tell our son the rules, we want him to know that we’ll always tell him how to play.

When our daughter doesn’t get asked to a dance, we want her to know that she can always dance with us in the kitchen.

We’ll make up dorky handshakes and wear retro family t-shirts and show our children that we will hold their place at the family dinner table—forever.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure our family identity seeps into every corner of their souls, so that they know without a doubt that they always have a place where they belong.

Erica Layne is a great place for family inspiration!


How was your weekend?

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