PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—April 14

What a beautiful week it has been!  Between packing up boxes for our upcoming move we have been enjoying the trees blooming and the warm weather. It’s about time spring arrives!


Coffee and Crumbs has lovely articles reminding us of the beauty of motherhood.  In the midst of hectic days and endless lists to accomplish, it’s a refreshing way to refocus my perspective.

 “It can be scary to admit these children under our watch are born with their own sets of freedoms and wills. At the same time, I’m finding that it relieves some of the pressure on me as a mother. I can work day in and day out to shape their hearts and steward their souls, but at some point, they have to do a little bit of the work themselves. It’s my job to discipline, to pray, to give them the best map to explore and gently steer them in the right direction, but it’s their job to put one foot in front of the other. I suppose I could technically push them, but that’s not the kind of mother I want to be.

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I know what you’re thinking–there’s no way my brain can decode something from the 1500s! But it is a great reminder, especially leading into Easter, that my focus is on higher things.

Heads up, mamas. This little snippet was written in 1593! If your brain is turning mushy, like mine, from years of cleaning poop out of rugs and other equally stimulating ventures, then you’ll have to think a little as you read it. It might be painful, but stick with me. It’s good for you! “

The Better Mom has encouragement for your day.


Such a fun idea for your Easter table!  I can’t wait to make some with the kids this weekend!

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Need a last minute dessert for the weekend? Look no more!  You’ll be the hero of Easter desserts this year.

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How was your weekend?

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