PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—3/31

It’s turning out to be a beautiful start to spring! Blue skies and gentle breezes, trees blossoming. I love this time of year. Now I’m off to get some fresh air!


I’m always anxious to get outside once the weather turns nice, but I quickly run out of ideas past our own backyard!  This was a great list to jump-start my winter brain into thinking more spring-like!

We’re ready to say goodbye to gloomy, winter days and hello to some much-welcomed sunshine! While cold weather is ideal for cozying up and staying in, we’re drawn to the outdoors, the arrival of budding blooms, and breezy, fresh air. And, it’s all just around the corner! As soon as the sun peeks out from between the clouds and temperatures start to rise, we’re looking to get a jump start on all of our favorite activities reserved for sunny days. Check out our spring to-do list, below, for 30 ideas that the whole family can enjoy this season!

Head over to Mother right now for more great ideas!


What a great reminder to savor the little moments, the blessed moments we have with our kids instead of focusing so much on our worries.

“He showed Cory his birthday card as soon as he arrived home from work later that evening. Here’s what I had forgotten: just as there is no natural light inside the jail, just as there is no fresh air (ever,) there is very little color. Beige uniforms, gray walls, gray floors, gray dinners on gray trays.
Crayons, markers, and colored pencils and inks are banned. So in order to make a full-color greeting card, an inmate has to launch an expensive and complicated process involving candy wrappers, overpriced jail deodorant, and hours of meticulous scraping and depositing. There is no room for error. And it will cost them.
Have I ever cared that much?
I grabbed the card again, held it closer, studied it with blurred vision. ‘Thank you for being our friend,’ it read. “

Shannon Martin Writes is a great escape for any Mom looking for inspiration.


I found this incredibly inspiring and challenging to read! It has encouraged me to make a little me time in the week and not feel bad about it. A happy mom, leads to happy kids. Are you taking care of yourself?

Thrive Global is an encouraging site to make you think!


This is a great craft to make with the kiddos for an easy Easter centerpiece!

Oh Happy Day is full of sweet surprises!


How did you relax this weekend?

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