PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—3/17

Halfway through March and it is suddenly winter around these parts.

We are dreaming of spring while staying close to the fire!


I always like it when I can surprise my kiddos with something special after dinner or at a lazy Saturday brunch. These fun drinks will have them all high five-ing you and asking for St. Patrick’s Day all year round!

Play Date Parties has an abundance of fun ideas to share!


If you are looking for a beautiful excuse to host some friends on St. Patrick’s Day, this menu is sure to please. Simple and beautiful, and it allows for you to mingle with your guests instead of being a slave to the kitchen all night!

Follow Celebrations at Home.


If you need a simpler menu for little fingers and less discerning palates, here are several great ideas to please your picky eaters.  The Reuben loaded fries look amazing!

Lemons for Lulu is a fun, engaging site with great ideas.


You still have time to plan this for St. Patrick’s Day! Of course you have to have Lucky Charms to complete your celebration!

Follow the Happy Scraps for more inspiration.


I love the encouragement in this post to be who I was created to be, rather than trying to constantly be like the next Pinterest success or Instagram wonder pic! In the middle of winter, this was just the reminder I needed.

You’re more creative than you might feel or think.

“Trust me. I’m a creative, and sometimes I struggle to be enough. I know how it is: You scroll through social media and Pinterest and it feels like everyone was created with 10 times more ingenuity than you. You wonder, How is everyone so amazingly playful, intentional, color-coordinated, light-filled, mess-proof, delightfully-messy, time-laden, beauty-finding, detail-specific, and incredibly good at making food look so much more delicious than what’s on your plate? Even her grilled cheese looks extra….gooey.”

Grace Laced is a beautiful and encouraging blog to follow!


How did you relax this weekend?

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