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As we enjoy another week of spring-like weather in February, it makes us all the more eager for daffodils peeking through the grass and leaves hanging on the trees. We are trying hard to be patient while we wait and see what March has to offer. I’m not putting our winter coats away just yet!


Are you the type of mom who leaves Easter baskets for the last minute?  Yeah, me either, I don’t know anyone like that…But, on the off chance you and I have something in common, I thought some ideas to get us started on stocking those baskets would be appreciated! Bonus: they are all candy-less ideas!

Happiness is Homemade gives you ideas to craft with your family!


How often have we made great strides to get up early in the morning to conquer the world before the kids get up, and we hit the snooze 6 times? That’s me alright. Here are five simple ways to boost your energy in the morning that take little brainpower or energy!

These days I have been pressing the snooze button more often than I care to admit, so, in order to combat this dreadful habit and also not be a Zombie Mom all morning, I have put together a little list of 5 simple tricks that help me wake up and start the day (and none of them include setting up a coffee IV drip)!”

Head over to the Happy Home Fairy for a good dose of inspiration.


Besides homeschooling my little ones, I also work part-time from home. These no-brainer ideas for helping your work day flow more smoothly were great reminders for me to treat my “in-home” job as a normal, out of the house job to be more productive.

Working from home is a great way to be with your family more as well as providing for them financially. The one thing people might not realize is that working from home can be harder than it sounds. It’s easy to be sucked into distractions when you’re right there in your house. But I’ve got a bunch of great tips that will increase your productivity while working from home that will leave you feeling like a rockstar. Being more productive can mean the potential of more money or freeing up time for other things.”

A Mom’s Take is full of practical information to help improve your parenting.


Our family loves Pop Tarts. Off brand, on brand, whatever—they are consumed almost immediately upon entering the house! I was pretty excited to get this recipe and hope to try it out this week!

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