PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—12/2

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year! Folks, I love this season.

I hope your December holds wonderful traditions, a season of peace and feelings of family all around you. Here’s to this season being filled with all the things you love.


My sweet bestie posted this a couple days ago, and it hit such a chord with me. I hear the same things over and over again from more seasoned moms: cut back and don’t overdo over the holidays. I’m trying hard to head their warning this year and give my family the gift of me, which is what they really want.

You have all the reasons in the world (imagine me pointing to those sticky little fingers that even now are exploring your nose while you read) to say ‘no’ right now, even to yourself when you want to do something fun. If it makes you yell, it’s a No. Every time. Gotta take food to X place and know that you will end up screaming while you cook? ‘No, I can’t right now. We will swing by and pick up a bucket of chicken.’

“If baking cookies and watching your kids sling sprinkles all over the kitchen is going to make you yell today? Then no. Don’t do it. Always choose the relationship with your kids over the Advent activity that makes you scream. Always choose the Simple over the Pinnable.”


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We are rounding the end of 2016, and it went by fast! My heart is beginning to grasp the saying “the days are long the years are short.” This beautiful post from Hands Free Mama is a reminder to live the last days of 2016 fully and make a Creed for the next year to come.

“To say all the loving words there are to say so nothing gets left unsaid…

To laugh so hard my kids might think I’ve lost my mind…

To invite so openly and spontaneously there’s no time to clean or prep or make a fuss…

To be so attuned to my heart that I obey when it tells me to take a moment to cuddle or pray or appreciate the sky”…



I’ve watched this clip so many times and I love it more with each viewing.

“That baby is the bomb, there I said it.”


Need a fun craft? Perfect to have little ones do and take to a lonely neighbor, grandparent, or friend!

Christmas Wreath

Posted by krokotak on Monday, November 28, 2016


I love this! A list of Netflix Christmas movies from Southern Curls & Pearls!! I’m ready to binge watch this weekend!



Show us your Christmas traditions!

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