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Happy Weekend! This gorgeous fall has left me asking why I put my summer clothes away?! November 1 and 70 degree weather in my neck of the woods. There’s no chance I am decorating for Christmas until the weather gets a little more chilly!

Hope your weekend brings all the happy fall rest we look forward to.


Yes! I love to hear other moms echoing the “less is more” mentality! We are constantly purging our little home, and this article from Ruth Soukup at Living Well Spending Less just gave me more tools to use when I talk to my little ones to empower them that less really is more!

 But as parents it is our job to fight back daily against the marketers who are vying for the hearts and minds of our kids, and to protect them from being continually inundated with propaganda about what to buy. It is our job to have open and honest conversations about wants versus needs, and to say enough is enough, because our kids will certainly not do it themselves. They don’t yet have the wisdom to discern what is hype from what is reality. They need us to do it for them. And as parents, it is our job to know that it is okay to say no.”



This is a short article from Kylie at that got my mind thinking about all the food to come over the holidays. It’s not that I want to deprive myself at all, I just want to get in the right mindset to eat mindfully and enjoy what I eat! How well do we really take care of out bodies?

The comments were especially encouraging for figuring out how to take care of yourself, without depriving yourself.



This article from Angie Tolpin at A Better Mom echoes some of what was said in the post above, which tells me this is a issue to discuss! How are you preparing your body and soul for the holidays and all the emotions that come with them?

If we don’t have our minds focused, hearts prepared and our wills yielded and in alignment with the Father, there is a good chance we can be sucked into a trap that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or even regretful. 

What do I mean by regret? Well, have you ever purchased something or ate something and later regretted it? The temptation for us to leave self-control in the pew and justify it under the Holiday Act is strong. “



Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a huge bowl of this comfort food?

Cornbread Chicken and Dumplings is on my Saturday Meal Plan!

Check out more recipes from A Cozy Kitchen.



I love parties, and adult conversation, and food. And wine. Sound good? Love and Lemons gives us an easy-to-follow guide to make your next get-together look like an elegant event, without it breaking the bank or using up your valuable time! Just be sure to invite me when you host it!



How did your weekend go?

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