PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—10/27

The weather has turned quite crisp and cozy.  I’ve finally managed to switch over everyone’s warm weather clothes for cold weather clothes.  And then I slept for 24 hours.  Not really, but I thought about it.  Here’s to cozy clothes, warm drinks and beautiful fall trees.


This article wasn’t what I expected when I read it. I quickly was comforted to hear how moms, in various stages of life, begin and end their days.

“…I’ll say it here: my days are made when my mornings and evenings go well. The middle stuff can be a bit chaotic or full, but if I make the effort to make the bookends proactive instead of reactive—well, everything in between is less crazy-making.


Head over to The Art of Simple for more encouragement


This very afternoon I was thinking it was about time to start my master cleaning schedule to get things in order for the upcoming holidays! And then I stumbled across Clean Mama. She’s taken all the guesswork out of the schedule.



I’m on a roll with the cleaning and reorganizing!  My current pantry is dysfunctional and barely usable. I’m looking forward to reorganizing (and knowing just what storage to buy!) this weekend!



Sometimes you just get into a rut with meal planning.  I was doing great for about 3 months, I was making freezer meals, it was lovely.  Then the school year started, and weekend commitments, and weeknight commitments.  I haven’t had time to meal plan for a while!  And it’s wearing on me!  Anyway, A Knotted Life was a gem of a find.  Recipes and a budget laid out for everyday food.



Let there be soup!  All the time, at every meal.  Here are some delicious and beautiful soups to add a little warmth to your weekly meal plan, courtesy of The Girl’s Life Blog.




How was your weekend?