PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—9/30

We just returned from our glorious beach vacation with my in-laws and came home to crisp, fall weather. Just what my post-vacation soul was longing for! We are so happy to be back into our normal weekly schedule (which is anything but normal).

Hope this fall weekend gives you time to take deep breaths and grab a fall candle.


I stumbled upon this sweet blog at just the right time. Teri Lynne Underwood is introducing her 31 days series for the month October, and do you know what she is writing about?  Who’s ready to join me?

“I know, you’re thinking, an unbalanced life? Seriously, TL, everyone else is trying to tell me how to get my life into balance. Are you crazy? Well, maybe … but here’s the thing. Everything in life isn’t equal. Some things are more important and the best way to live in the abundance God offers us is to know how to determine what those things are and let them make us unbalanced but full.”



This gorgeous author, Carly Heitlinger, is all about embracing the joy of fresh apples in the fall. I am excited to try #3 and #5 this weekend!



I love to entertain. I love cheese. I love things that go with cheese.

Confession: I cannot put together a decent (and cost effective) cheese plate.  It just never looks that delicious. Cupcakes and Cashmere breaks down how much cheese to buy, what to pair with it, how to arrange it.  Get ready for some cozy indoor entertaining!



This is an ever-needed reminder that I need to cast my worries somewhere other than my own heart. Nighttime is the worst for dealing with anxiety. From The Better Mom:

As mamas, there will never be an end to the things that bring stress in our lives or that cause us to feel fear of what might happen or counting the ways that we have fallen short of ideals.”



Find joy in the little things this weekend.