PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—9/9

Just like that it’s September. I’m in the middle of Indian summer over here, ready for the crisp, cool weather of fall. And apparently, everyone else is too because the blogs are bursting with fall-inspired recipes and decorating ideas.


Have any fall birthdays?  What a great gift for someone special from



This was a good reminder to me that screen time can become all-encompassing. I took Facebook off my phone a few months ago, but added it back on after a while. Maybe it’s time to delete the app again. From

Ruthlessly curbing my screen time is possibly my favorite time-management tool, because it comes with the delicious side effect of better overall wellness, less stress, deeper offline relationships, and a healthier disposition on life. For me, it’s a no-lose situation.”



I love the idea of pumpkin.  This recipe from is simple and delicious and taste-approved by my personal panel of picky eaters!  You could almost consider them a health food!



Seriously, some of these life hacks from should’ve been obvious to me a while ago. I feel silly for living this long without putting 2 and 2 together!

Among my favorites: the dishtowel place mat and the blender bottle versatility. Brilliant!



This year is the 100th anniversary of our National Parks. This amazing site——has this listed as a KIDS birthday party. Seriously, I want this theme. Although, who needs a reason? Just grab some friends and have a dinner party. And invite us if you do!



Have a great start to your fall!