PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—8/26

With my first week of homeschooling officially under my belt, I am ready to take a weekend of rest! It sure makes me so much more appreciative of the teachers I’ve had in the past and the hard work they put into preparing for the school year!


Do you need some ideas for a peaceful, and pretty homework area?

Over at Design Improvised, they have some very effective ways to make a visually appealing spot to make sure that homework gets done!



When I was in school, my mom would take me to the local mall to get a cookie as a special reward for a good grade or good behavior. This copycat recipe from Cookies and Cups will become your secret weapon. Give them to deserving kids, special teachers or anyone you want to keep as a friend!



Everyone has bad days. We can all use the reminder that bad days happen, you’re not failing! Kortney Garrison at One Deep Drawer writes:

Sometimes I think I cause more stress for myself just because I’m surprised when a day goes south.  It happens. Even if you’ve got a good rhythm, even when the lessons are planned, even when YOU are bringing your A game.  This homeschooling thing has a lot of moving parts.  A lot of people.  People are not predictable,  fool-proof machiches. That’s one of the glories. So we don’t need to be upset when our days don’t go as planned. It happens!”



I feel like I should apologize for this recipe from Sugar Spice and Glitter. So easy. Yet, so delicious. This may become your new Friday night go-to meal. You could even wrap it in foil and take it to whatever sporting event your kiddos are in this weekend.



Hoping you have a restful weekend!

Let us know how it went