This Week's Top Parenting Links—6/25

The sun stays up late into the evening these days, and we find that the kiddos stay up a little later to enjoy all that summer has to offer.  We don’t mind, most nights, because we get to share the joy of summer with them.  This weekend we will be spending time with lots of family, much like last weekend and the weekend before.  Summer is just the best.


I love July 4th! Usually whatever I take to a get-together is wilted in the heat by the time the fireworks roll around.  I’m excited to try this recipe out!


Check out Family Fresh Meals for more great ideas.


This was such an encouraging read for me today.  A good reminder to be my kids’ biggest fan and to like them as much as I love them from Rachel at

I think we have this cool gift as moms – to be the one person in life that our kids know will stand up for them and will beyond that like them. Yes, like them.

We love them, but liking them? That’s a cool thing.

Guard that gift of being a mom.”



This isn’t your normal ‘enjoy your kids while you can because they grow up so fast’ article.  It was a challenge for me to look beyond the stress of the moment and see the bigger picture of my kids. Lisa-Jo Baker at Surprised by Motherhood writes:

Nothing is forever when you are on the timeline of children. Everything is right now. And before you know it, everything is yesterday.”



Goodness me, I love The Busy Mom!  I discovered her at the Great Homeschool Convention this year, and I have been so blessed by her hilarious podcasts and her blog posts.  This one was particularly striking for me.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!



What’s your story? Jennifer Dukes Lee at writes:

Who knows? Someday, someone else will have the same kind of wound you once had. They’ll need to know your story, to know that survival isn’t a myth.

Your voice might shake a little when you pull out your mat, or show them your scar, but don’t be afraid.

It doesn’t mean you failed. It means you were healed”



Enjoy your summer weekend!

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