This Week's Top Parenting Links—April 8th

We spent the last weekend at The Great Homeschool Convention!  It was wonderful, entertaining and challenging all at the same time.  Some of the speakers are featured below; they added some much needed encouragement to my “mom routine.”

However you spend your weekend, I hope it brings you restful moments with the ones you love!


We are all Star Wars fans at our house. My 6-year-old boy is captivated by the story, and my 3-year-old has made Princess Leia her imaginary companion. The kids and I like to get in the kitchen and cook, so this download featured over at Mommy’s Memorandum, is pretty fun!  I’m looking forward to a Family Movie Night with a Star Wars theme in our future!

SWTFA Craft Button

Check out more idea at Mommy’s Memorandum


This past weekend I had the great joy of hearing The Busy Mom speak at the homeschooling conference. She was passionate and articulate and funny! She spoke about all the aspects of motherhood, not just homeschooling, and I left feeling really encouraged about loving my kids better. I’m so excited to try this Scripture writing plan, and there are free printables to get your kids involved!

“Will you join me? It only takes about ten minutes to write it these precious verses from the Word of God. It’s time well spent. If you have children, choose part or all of the verse for them to write… I’ve provided you with printables just for this purpose! We have a specific tracing printable for each day (we’ll add the rest before you need them!) and a blank page for copywork!”


More great ideas at The Busy Mom


Who knew coffee filters could be useful? I am looking forward to trying some of these ideas, specifically #9 and #17. Let me know how you use them!


Head over to Happily Simple Mama for more tips and tricks


This article was a great reminder to enjoy every “MOMent” with my kids.  Each child individually brings something specific and special to our family.

Moms make the world a better place. So, on the days you doubt, on the days you’re weary and torn, and on the days you wonder what you’ve done all day, remember that the task of motherhood is a noble one, a higher calling. It’s worth the sacrifice, and each MOMent is precious.


Head over to Mom Life Today for more inspiration


We’ve all done it. We google our health issues to get a better idea of what to ask the doctor.  And in this case, it helped lead to a diagnosis and a healing surgery. PJ Media Lifestyle’s Phil Baker wrote about his experience with parathyroid disease:

“What I learned is that when it comes to your own health, you need to take charge and do your own research. As good as our doctors may be, they’re not always aware of other options, beyond what they are familiar with in their own community.  And if it weren’t for the Internet and the website that led me to this amazing clinic, I might still be waiting to be operated on and, possibly, developing more serious symptoms.”

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

The Atlantic’s James Fallows writes more on the disease here and includes some thoughts on Phil’s article here.


Wherever you fall on the toxic and organic spectrum, this collection of articles from was informational and helpful for me to get a leg up on spring cleaning!

“Opening up the windows and then scrubbing baseboards, washing walls, getting into those hard-to-reach places… and then there are the cabinets and blinds and all those other ‘cleanliness’ tasks, but it’s also a great time to think about those unseen invaders lurking in our homesdangerous toxins!”


Enjoy your weekend!