This Week's Top Parenting Links

Spring comes on Sunday, and the forecast is snow. So, winter gets one last laugh! Regardless, warmer weather will come eventually and we can move onto spring cleaning, switching out warm clothes for cooler ones, and firing up the grill! Hope you are able to enjoy your weekend, whatever the weather and whatever your plans.


Here’s an interesting read for all you parents who guiltily turn on another Daniel Tiger for your little ones so that you can finish just one task successfully. What do you think?  Does this relieve some guilt? From Bright:

“There’s another side to the story that we don’t talk about enough. How screens can bring us and our children together. The moments of pure, shared joy, discovery, and connection across the room or across great distances.”



This super-easy Rice Krispie cake is a beautiful addition to any Palm Sunday or Easter Menu.

Maybe you could even make it into a yearly tradition and make it with your kids. From Erin at Delightful E Made:

Check out more of Erin’s delicious recipes here.


Are you as worn down by the news as I am? There doesn’t seem to be much out there with a silver lining or a positive message.  This was a much needed wake-up call for this worrywart from Lisa-Jo Baker at Surprised by Motherhood:

The louder it gets in the world around us, the safer this ordinary house feels with it’s bathroom floors always covered with grit from the soccer fields and cleats left laying along the entrance hall walls. I anchor myself to this house and its slow rhythm of PlayDoh parties and Wii battles because here I know my name. And the people here know my name and they love me with my hair that’s long overdue for a haircut and the jeans I’ve worn four days in a row.”



We have two birthdays in March, and a generous family that showers them with surprises. We also have a really tiny home. So, we are trying to embrace the less is more strategy. This step-by-step approach has helped me remember why I’m really getting rid of the clutter. Kristi at Kids Activity Blog writes:

Let’s take care of, not just our homes, but the people in them by taking steps and making changes. Let’s give ourselves permission to let go!  Let’s rejoice in the gift of giving, and let’s find more meaning in moments than in material possessions. ‘Too many toys’ no more.  Let’s rally the troops (even if it’s just you and your own two hands) and embrace the “less is more” mentality.



Enjoy your weekend!

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