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The weather in these parts fluctuates between snow boots and flip flops! It’s 60s one day and snowing the next. As you can imagine, we are going stir crazy over here! And we’ve gone through our normal end-of-winter activities. Find some great ideas below to keep your family entertained and content being inside for a little longer. Here’s hoping for a really early spring!


I am a severe extrovert. I need people, so the last months of winter tend to lead me into a bit of depression before spring triumphantly breaks through and saves the day. This post from Shannon over at was a great reminder and encouragement to stay open in the winter, even when you want to hide behind your door.

What if, instead of suffering through until Spring, we pulled on our ugly boots and walked together through our winter?  Let’s say yes to that meeting when we’d rather say no. Let’s linger over tea and lean in to the story. Let’s finally start believing it’s our weak, messy, jiggly places that unite us.  

I February-dare us.”


Find more encouragement over at


We often have the cousins over for a sleepover. It makes our house a mess—the tent we put up envelopes the entire family room and it leaves us with memories that last long after I’ve cleaned up. Popcorn is our go-to snack for such events. It’s inexpensive, and if you use an air-popper, it’s free entertainment! Here are some new recipes for your family event from Play Ideas:

Don’t settle for microwave bags when you can make truly memorable (and delicious) flavors in your own kitchen. Enjoy!



Aren’t these cute from Jamielyn at iheartnaptime?



I have three little ones at home, two of whom have trouble listening and obeying. The only reason the third listens so well is because she is not yet a year. I’m hesitant to try this trick from Kids Activities Blog to get them to listen, but I will definitely be giving it a shot!

“I almost laughed at the idea. Yes. Today my son was going to tell me what to do, and I was going to listen.

We set the timer for 45 minutes. My son and I played and he got to be the boss and “tell mom what to do and help her listen.”



We love to watch TV in our house. Sometimes a little too much. I’m looking forward to trying some of these super simple ideas from Stephanie Glover at to avoid as much screen time in the coming days.

“It’s important to take time away from technology including cell phones, computers, televisions and devices so that everyone can truly have real downtime. Any distractions will interrupt your downtime, and it’s best to avoid them as much as possible! Unplug and have some family fun with these activities.”



Enjoy your weekend!  Stay warm!

Let us know what you’re up to this weekend, #pjparenting