This Week's Top Parenting Links

Welcome to the weekend!  You made it through the week.

For many Moms (and quite a few Dads) the weekend ends up being the “catch-up” days following a long work week outside and inside the home. Hopefully you will be able to sit down with your family and enjoy a quiet moment or two. You’ll find us spending time with visiting family and cheering at swim meets!


It’s Super Bowl Weekend!  Here’s a secret: we don’t really watch the Super Bowl (gasp!). However, we do love any excuse for a party with really good food.  This Tasty Buzzfeed video demystifies how to make chicken wings at home!


The Chinese New Year is approaching.  We know nothing about how to celebrate it or what makes it different from our New Year here in America. But, we homeschool, and we like to learn about different cultures! So, it seems the perfect time to learn and make really good food!

“The Chinese New Year is the world’s most widely celebrated festivity, but it can also be the most intimidating for the uninitiated — especially when it comes to feasting, which is at the heart of this holiday. Between the preparation for feasting and the feasting itself, there are many, many rules. Here are a few to help newcomers navigate the New Year festivities.”

Did you notice the emphasis on feasting?


Find more at


If you are anything like me, you need more hours in a day. I have a race against the pitter-patter of little feet every morning.  Who will get downstairs first, Mommy or the little ones?  They usually win, and I am left taking breakfast orders, picking out clothes and breaking up arguments—all before my mandatory 2 cups of joe.  Kat, over at Inspired to Action, lays out a clear plan for you to figure out what you need in the morning and helps you plan (realistically) how to achieve it!  Her program is magical.



Have you seen these cute Superbowl commercials?  Each one is heartwarming:)  And, some of the dads do a better job than I do with my daughter’s hair!

Head over to FTW to view all the commercials


Enjoy your weekend!

We’d love to see what you’re up to and how your celebrations turn out.