This Week's Top Parenting Links

Life’s been a little busy lately.

Visiting family, celebrating new beginnings and getting starting back into our old habits that were working well before school took a break, has made us tired and worn. But, there’s a new start every week and we are looking forward to this weekend to re-focus and renew and re-energize!  Here’s some encouragement from my weekly readings. I hope it gives you all sorts of excitement for the week ahead and some energy to accomplish what’s before you!


Dinner is always a struggle on Fridays, especially after being gone all day at our community home school day. With simple ingredients everyone has in their fridge it’s sure to please even the picky eaters at your table! Check this out from Shutterbean:


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I’ve been here, so many times. Words fly out of my mouth faster than I choose to stop them. I wound the little ones in our home, and I forget what my “mom job” is really about. It’s a quick spiral into mom guilt.

“By the time we were buckled in and headed to the carpool lane, the Holy Spirit pricked my conscience. At first I felt convicted, but then began to sink into condemnation. The mom guilt was ripe for the taking. Instead of listening to God’s comforting voice that calms, encourages, and leads me to righteousness; I chose to hear the obsessively discouraging and defeating lies of the Enemy.”



It’s January!  Let’s freshen up our homes, figure out what our home’s purpose is and take control of our castle. Over at, Myquillyn Smith is serving up two scoops of inspiration to make your house a home that works for you!

“Home is a work in progress and imperfect and a collection of things we love and need–things that reflect our style as a family and the season of life we are living. It’s there to serve us, and I like knowing that I have the confidence to know how to get the style I’m after without breaking the family budget.”


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This post is just wonderful to remind anyone what their focus is for 2016!  And some tangible ways to help you center on your goals!  I just purchased one of these bracelets to help remind me what my anchor is and where my priorities are for 2016. Amber at Mommy’s Me Time writes::

“Everyone has a story, and each of our stories are unique to us. No one can take your story away from you. I strongly believe that each of us were put on this earth to share our story with others. We were created for community and vulnerability. We were created to lean into the adversity and focus on the blessings.”


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Lastly, here is the best master list of spring cleaning items I’ve found. And it looks like it may be from someone who  actually cleans her house without a crew of folks helping! From Kelly at Imperfect Homemaking:

spring cleaning1

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Hope this weekend leaves you rejuvenated and energized for the week ahead!

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It’s a fresh start, enjoy it!