This Week's Top Parenting Links: Tips for Making the Yuletide Jolly!

I can’t believe it’s the week before Christmas, already!  Hopefully your stockings are hung, and your halls are decked.  Just in case your gifts aren’t wrapped yet, we’ve included some fresh ideas for wrapping, as well as some much needed encouragement for you tired Moms just trying to make the Holidays special.  Merry Christmas!


Are you still wrapping? Yep, I sure am. Need some new inspiration?



I love the honesty and understanding in this article.  It’s like a pep-talk in the midst of a hurried, and busy season.

“I write this from the quietude of a few minutes in a coffee shop. When I arrive home, something tells me that the chores and guitar practice and homework I requested my children finish may not be completed with all perseverance and wisdom. But may God give me the generous grace—in that little moment when I would like to froth over with anger, punctuated by a pointing finger—to define my motherhood with the Gospel, with by grace you have been saved.  And that every day of motherhood, grace is still enough.”



Do you need a quick, easy and hilarious craft to fill some Holiday time?  Here’s something that will make the whole family giggle.



If you are blessed enough to have lots of family, you are also blessed enough to have a lot of places to celebrate Christmas.  Which means travel, family, more family, and tired kiddos.  Here’s some practical advice to navigating awkward gifts and lots of family time with grace and ease.

“At some point, you have to step back and realize that you’re good enough, and that’s good enough. The holidays aren’t about being perfect, they’re about being together.”



Enjoy these last few days before life goes back to normal.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year!