This Week's Top Parenting Links: Encouragement for Your Weekend

It’s the first week of December and we are in “full Christmas” mode!  The tree is up, the lights are on, and the first snowfall was last night. We are also struggling to maintain a simplicity this season, trying not to overbook ourselves and practicing what we preach to our kids — that people are more important than presents.


I was so encouraged by this article from Susan, over at,  that I baked up some cookies with my little ones today.  Simple and easy ways to get more time with your kids in this busy holiday season.

“The most important part of the holidays is spending extra time together with your family and friends. And when you’re a parent, that means making the most of those special moments with your kids.

We find the kitchen to be a main hub of family activity all year round… but even more so during the holiday season. When kids are off school and there’s no homework to be done, you can relax and take more time to enjoy cooking, baking and eating together.”



I used to be to embarrassed to make homemade Christmas gifts. Then, I received a beautiful burlap pillow with the word “Joy” on it — made by sweet friend — and I realized something. She took time and love to make me something one-of-a-kind. And since that moment, I’ve loved making homemade gifts. These ideas from Kristin, over at, are perfect for an afternoon of gifting with your kids. Or have a party and make a bunch on a girls night out!



Cleaning house with little ones underfoot can be almost impossible!  This article is a goldmine of ideas to use in your own family to get your home ship shape every day!

“Keeping your house clean and tidy is already time consuming enough.  

But with children? That makes it pretty much impossible sometimes.

So I asked influential mums who blog about their lives, children and families for a tip on spring cleaning and how to keep their house clean with children.

And here are what they have to say – 20 insanely actionable tips to help you get back into control.”



Who wouldn’t like to receive these edible ornaments as a gift? Perfect for teachers, grandparents, and friends. Thanks to for the ideas!



Ann Voskamp, over at, has a beautiful Advent video to get your heart prepared for Christmas


Enjoy your weekend!