Tackling the Pumpkin with Your Kids!


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This site has 20 delicious and beautiful pumpkin options.  My favorite are these gluten-free, vegan pumpkin bars.  But, the list continues to pumpkin chili, a new take on pumpkin pie and making pumpkin muffins without drying them out!


Here are some fun ideas using craft pumpkins, which has the bonus of being able to store them for next year when the Fall season is over!


I’m always looking for a quick and easy alternative to a huge, labor-intensive weekday breakfast, and if you are in the mood for a pumpkin latte, this will save you calories and cash!

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe


And while this has little to do with pumpkins, I did totally understand where this mom is coming from in preparing for next week’s dreaded “holiday,” Halloween.  I’m not a crafty mom, so I can relate.



Remember how I said I wasn’t crafty?  Even I can print off these stencils at Make and Takes and “carve” them into a pumpkin!

Plus, it’s a good excuse to have a family movie night and then spend time together doing a craft.

Peanutize Your Pumpkin


What are your favorite pumpkin recipes?  Or crafts?  Or craft short-cuts?  I’d love to hear what your answers are!

Have a great weekend!