There’s an App for That: Grocery


1. Ibotta

             This super cool app is all about getting you money back for just a little time spent. You can qualify for getting cash back by simply answering a question or two and then scanning your receipt. Done! Now you can afford that Venti iced coffee you didn’t budget for.


      2.  Grocery-specific app (Kroger, Aldi’s, etc.)

            Whoever your local grocer is, you’ll do yourself a favor by installing its store-specific app on your phone. Many times you can keep track of lists, coupons, and specials, all from the app, making these things digital, organized, and easily portable–and saving you time. Better still, you won’t lose them, because you will no longer have to write them on the back of the used napkin in your car. (Come on, we’ve all done it.)

      3.  Cozi


           This fancy app allows you to do literally everything–even keep a family journal! Most importantly, you can meal-plan, keep a grocery and to-do list, and send push texts to a family member’s phone via the app.  No more Milk Emergencies!


     4.  Farmstand 

          This app is currently only for iPhone users, but we hope they will get an Android version out soon, because it looks fantastic. Farmstand shows you where the closest farmer’s markets are and when they are open. It also lets you upload pictures (such as of fresh produce) and to comment on it. It’s like Instagram meets food heaven, and it’s just what you need for some summer dinner inspiration.  


What grocery apps can you not live without?