Real Life Parenting Weekly Link Roundup — July 10-12


Gardening with Kids

You don’t need an excuse to garden with your kids.  Here are some great links to get you started.

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An herb garden is a good place to start. They grow quickly and can be planted indoors or outdoors:

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Did you know you can use coffee grounds to enrich your soil?  And your local Starbucks will give them to you for free.  Iced coffee and free grounds, sounds like a good deal.

Save coffee grounds for use in the garden.

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This website has a plethora of resources to encourage your kids to get their hands dirty and plant with you:

Family Gardening

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We love the simple layout of this website and the easy-to-use approach:

Tomato Primer: tomatoes on white shelf

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Have you seen these?  Life-changing summer must haves:

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Hot off the press this week:

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And for dessert after your day outside, use these flute pops. They have easy-to-use wide handles for little fingers that also catch the drips:

Jelly Belly Flute Pops Ice Mold

Hope you are able to get out and enjoy the warm weather with your kids this weekend!