UPDATE: Tampa 'Privilege' Teacher Resigns

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Last week, I wrote about a Tampa middle school teacher who had students fill out a form designed to reveal their “privilege.”

Spanish teacher Yoselis Ramos instructed her students at Monroe Middle School to complete a form titled “How much privilege do you have?”



The different categories included, “Race,” “Skin Color,” “Religion,” “Sex,” “Gender,” Sexual Orientation,” and “Disability.”

Other questions on the survey broached controversial subjects for middle-schoolers. Children were asked to identify if they were “Cisgender,” “Transgender” or “GenderQueer.”

Regina Stiles is a parent with a child who filled out the privilege form. “She has ADHD and apparently the teacher said there are some kids in this class that have ADHD, and ADHD is a mental illness, and that’s why she circled that. To me ADHD is not a mental disability. It’s something she has,” said Stiles.

The school and the school district said the assignment was not part of an official curriculum. Ramos was suspended from teaching after angry parents approached the school principal about the assignment. The school conducted an investigation into the situation.

The investigation by the school district found that she had caused a disruption, was teaching something that was not part of the district’s curriculum, and offended families by her lesson plan.

In a follow-up meeting on Thursday with the school board, Ramos resigned.