Sorry, Caitlyn, Wardrobe Is NOT the Hardest Part of Being a Woman

Newly minted and self-declared woman, Caitlyn Jenner, told Buzzfeed that figuring out what to wear is the most difficult part to being a woman. I suppose if one were new to dressing as a woman and had enough resources for a full woman’s wardrobe and the social life that required everything from casual to formal attire, then choosing the proper clothes might seem a little daunting. Even so, the organic women of the world can assure everyone, Jenner included, that the many and varied responsibilities and vulnerabilities inherent in the power to create and sustain life far outweigh any difficulties presented by women’s clothing.

I know that Jenner has requested that we all indulge his preference and refer to him as a she. Any inclination I had to honor that preference out of courtesy evaporated with this nonsense. For someone who had so much affinity for women that he wanted to become one, he apparently could not be bothered to learn anything about womanhood.

As I once read in an old book, “One is born female, but becoming a woman is a personal accomplishment.” That Jenner thinks personal accomplishment has anything to do with clothing choice should expose his pretend play as just that — a child’s game of dress up.