Older Woman Seduces Student: It Worked for Rebecca DeMornay in "Risky Business"

Joel and Lana Risky Business


It’s the opening line to this article that gets me.

This week’s female high school employee busted for allegedly trying to seduce a teenage male student with raunchy nude photos…

It does seem that stories of twenty- and thirty-something female teachers seducing teen male students come out about once a week. This school counselor tried to seduce her mark with the promise of admission to Harvard. He refused her advances, repeatedly. She has pleaded not guilty to institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, and corruption of minors and was released on $7500 bail.

This seduction play definitely worked “better” when Hollywood writers whipped up a happy ending. If you recall in the 1983 hit, Risky Business, Rebecca DeMornay’s older woman/prostitute, Lana, seduces Tom Cruise’s high school junior, Joel, and convinces him to run a one night brothel out of his house while his parents are on vacation. From this experience he writes an essay about entrepreneurship that gets him into Princeton.

Sadly, women as sexual predators is not new—in pop culture or life. Researchers estimate that 1 in 6 boys have had sexually abusive experiences before age 18, and the consequences include all the things we expect in abuse: depression, underachievement, substance abuse, and relationship problems. We have tolerated adult women seducing minors for far too long. The recent trickle of concerned coverage is long overdue.


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