Jennifer Garner's Instagram Post Is Every Parent

Parenting can be exhausting. Taking care of the needs of several little people, while also trying to take care of yourself (or at least make enough coffee to be able to look like you’re not straight off the set of The Walking Dead), is tough. Actress and mom of three, Jennifer Garner, has consistently shown the world that she is no different than the rest of us parents out there. Just this week, she shared a photo to her new Instagram page that made the entire Internet nod with understanding.

Garner, who is mom to 11-year-old Violet, 8-year-old Seraphina, and 5-year-old Samuel, has an annual tradition. It’s called “Yes Day!” and this was the family’s fifth year celebrating it. Garner, like other parents, got the idea from the book Yes Day! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. For an entire day, Garner gives in to every one of her child’s requests — no matter how big, small, crazy, or exhausting. (And with three kids, that is probably a lot of requests!) No matter what they ask for, she says yes. That could include making s’mores for breakfast or building a fort out of cotton balls. On “Yes Day!” this year, according to her Instagram post, they slept in a tent.

Garner’s “Yes Day!” makeup-free selfie says it all. This mom is exhausted and we all know exactly how she feels. It was probably refreshing for the kids to not hear “no” from a parent for an entire day, but saying yes to every wish probably requires a few more cups of coffee than usual.

Check out the Instagram post below: