Toddler Steals Prince Harry's Popcorn, Because Toddlers

This week Prince Harry attended the Invictus Games in Toronto with some friends. As he chatted during the volleyball match between the United Kingdom and Denmark, a toddler seated next to him proceeded to do what any toddler would do in that situation: steal his popcorn while he wasn’t looking.

The Huffington Post reports that the sneaky 2-year-old is Emily, the daughter of one of Harry’s friends, British Paralympian David Henson. She was seated on her mother Hayley’s lap just within reach of the royal box of popcorn. Formal etiquette certainly does not apply to chubby little hands — all Emily knew was that popcorn was nearby, and she wanted some! Whose toddler wouldn’t just grab a snack that was so close? No matter that it belongs to an heir to the British throne.

The cutest part is that Harry seemed to be completely oblivious to little Emily’s antics for almost an entire minute. When he realized that his snack was disappearing while he wasn’t looking, he was a sport about it and gave the girl some more.


Watch the adorable exchange: