This 4-Year-Old Boy Just Handed Prince William Something Very Unusual

(Image via Twitter/Telegraph)

Everyone, meet Archie. Archie, say “hello” to pretty much the entire world.

This adorable little recently had the pleasure of meeting William, the Duke of Cambridge. And what happened next made us all say “Awwwww.” Archie presented Prince William with nothing other than an avocado. Yep, the fruit. Seems like an odd gift at first, especially for royalty. But it turns out that Archie’s mom is expecting a baby, just like Kate Middleton. And the avocado was a gift for her to help with her morning sickness.

When Kensington Palace recently announced the joyful news that Wills and Kate were expecting their third child, or fifth in line to the throne, it was also revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge is experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum. Kate suffered from the same illness with her previous two pregnancies, and it was the reason that she wasn’t able to accompany young George to his first day of school recently. The sickness results in severe nausea and vomiting, often causing dehydration.

But back to Archie and his little avocado. The Duke, who was incredibly gracious and kind to the little boy, continues to make the rest of us common folk love him and his gorgeous family more and more every day.

You can watch the exchange between Wills and Archie in the video below.