Photographer Uses His Super Powers to Transforms Sick Kids into Superheroes

In photographer Josh Rossi’s world, kids are superheroes. The dad took a series of photos of his own daughter dressed as Wonder Woman, and the Internet loved it. The photo shoot prompted the families of very sick children to contact Rossi about photographing their kids — the bravest superheroes of all.

Rossi found six children in his network of friends who were battling either cancer or very serious diseases. Over two months, he and his team focused on transforming the kids into well-known heroes. The project took time, in part, because all the costumes were custom-made, and the superheroes that were chosen were in some way related to the children themselves.

The Huffington Post spoke with Rossi:

“For example, Teagan, who first of all loves Superman, was born with half of a heart. He has a similar weakness to Superman. Superman’s heart grows weak when he is next to kryptonite,” Rossi told HuffPost.

“Kayden’s story was similar to Cyborg’s in that he almost died at birth but his mother chose to keep him alive and the doctors had to amputate both legs,” he added. “Cyborg is similar because after a bad accident he was going to die but his father kept him alive by giving him robotic parts.”

The final product is truly something to behold. The kids, who endure countless surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, are portrayed as the truly strong little people that they are. In fact, one of Rossi’s goals with the project was to show how weaknesses can actually make us strong.

Photographer does photo shoot of the REAL Justice League!

Ok here it is! My ultimate passion project. Took my wife Roxana and I two months to finish. These kids are amazing! This is what the REAL Justice League looks like! Link to the full story is in the comments below.Credits: Photographer and digital artist Josh Rossi PhotographyCostumes Julie WhiteleySecond shooter Richard Meade Digital artist on Cyborg model Mike Campau Digital Imagery Prints Nichols Photo Lab Wonder Woman Costume Jennifer McGrew Producer Roxana Mendoza RossiMUA Eve KeenerBts video Emily JulanderAssistant Thayne WheelerStudio STUDIO o2o

Posted by Josh Rossi on Tuesday, August 22, 2017