Kate Middleton Handles Princess Charlotte's Tantrum Like a Boss

There are countless reasons to love Kate Middleton. Sure, she has an incredible wardrobe, and she married a prince. But she also handles high-stress parenting moments (that are being photographed and videoed for all of the world to see) without seeming to break a sweat. Prince George and Princess Charlotte, despite their royalty, are little kids. That means that they are susceptible to all of the normal tiny human pitfalls, like tantrums, making funny faces at inappropriate moments, and generally not listening. But those things can be tough when the entire world expects them (and their parents) to be perfect angels in the spotlight. The Duchess of Cambridge does not disappoint.

Recently Will, Kate, George and Charlotte were taking a tour of the Airbus training facilities in Hamburg while on a trip to Germany and Poland. That is when 2-year-old Charlotte decided to throw a tantrum.

Scary Mommy breaks it down:

The problem, you see, is that Charlotte was given some papers from her Dad’s folder to hold on to, and Middleton tried to take them back. (Every parent of a two-year-old gasps in horror.) If there’s one thing a two-year-old hates, it’s having something taken out of their hands that they would very much like to have in their hands, be it a sheet of paper, your favorite sunglasses, or a half-eaten hot dog they found on the ground at the park. Whatever it is, it’s now theirs, and woe unto the person who tries to take it away.

In this circumstance, that person was Middleton.

That is when Kate performed the pro parenting move of crouching down to her daughter’s level. At that point, she pointed toward the cameras and said something to Charlotte. What magical, royal words she uttered, we’ll never know. Charlotte countered her mother’s move with the classic toddler drop-to-the-ground. Kate ended the moment by scooping up the little girl in her arms, thereby calming her.

Now put yourself in Kate’s shoes. In her very expensive, probably uncomfortable heels and pristine dress. How gracefully would you have been able to handle a tantrum with pretty much everyone watching? In the privacy of my home, Mr. Hyde routinely emerges. And in public, my eyes glow a deep shade of red that indicates to my toddler that his behavior will not be tolerated. But Kate did neither. And that is why we all love her.


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