Olympic Runner Alysia Montaño Runs Race Five Months Pregnant

Olympic runner Alysia Montaño recently wore a Wonder Woman shirt to a race — and with good reason. The athlete, who raced in the 800-meter event at the USATF Outdoor Championships in California’s sweltering 110-degree heat, did so five months pregnant. What is even more incredible? It’s not the first time she’s done this. Back in 2014, the athlete ran the same race eight months pregnant.

31-year-old Montaño, who hails from Queens, New York, finished last in her first-round heat, but she managed to take 11 seconds off of her 2014 time. According to the Huffington Post, Montaño had this to say:

“I came here last time at 8 months pregnant in 2014 and it was such an amazing experience,” she told Team USA. Adding: “There is something about coming out to any venue not really expecting to win but going along with the journey and seeing what comes out of it.”


After running while pregnant back in 2014, she spoke about what life is like for a professional female athlete and mother.

“We see so many people in different avenues of their life start their family and it looks so different for a professional athlete, especially a female professional athlete,” she said, per FloTrack. “This is what it looks like to be a professional athlete as a woman and still continuing on with your career … this is my normal this year.”

In addition to her insanely appropriate Wonder Woman shirt, Montaño wore bright flowers in her hair for the race. Flowers, she feels, represent strength with femininity. And if there’s one thing this incredible mom has, it’s strength. Her 3-year-old daughter, in fact, wore her own awesome shirt to the event: “Strong Like Mom.”