Prince George Is Adorably Bored at Big Fancy Royal Event

Sure, a fancy, royal event would be pretty exciting for most of us. A day celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, complete with a military parade and fighter jets soaring overhead would be a lot of fun. But we’re not all 4-years-old, and we’re not all Prince George.

The mini-Royal attended yet another Trooping the Colour celebration this year and he was far from impressed. The adorable little Prince George didn’t really seem fazed by the spectacular show when he joined his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and 2-year-old sister Charlotte (along with several other members of the royal family, including the queen) at the event.

BabyCenter has more:

While the sight of the planes did elicit a few big grins and wide-eyed stares from the little prince, photos from the ceremony show that he at times seemed a tad… well, bored. If you have ever dealt with the pressures of having to parent in public, just multiply that by a million or so and you’ll know how Kate and William likely feel at these huge royal events!

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Wills and Kate did an incredible job, as always, of being patient and keeping calm when their little ones didn’t want to be perfect little gems. It is hard enough to get a small child to be calm in even the best of situations — nevermind one in which the whole world happens to be watching you…