Little Girl Gets Into Her School Musical Performance Like NOBODY'S Business

When your song comes on in the car, do you hold back or do you belt your heart out? And when no one else is home and you take a nice, long shower, do you suddenly become a Broadway star? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But remember a time when you didn’t have to be alone to really get in the spirit? Remember being a kid, and not giving a damn about what anyone else thought?

One little girl who recently performed with her classmates was really feeling the music. A video of her that was posted by InspireMore has gotten 7 million views, and over 58,000 shares, so we know that she’s onto something. For at least the duration of the song, the little girl was a star. And she’s a ton of fun to watch. Her friends around her don’t even seem to notice how…er…passionate she is.

Of the 36,000 comments on the video, there are, of course, trolls who feel the inexplicable need to trash a toddler. But luckily most people are feeling this little girl’s vibes:

Sing it loud. Sing it proud! Love this adorable little Diva!

okay not only is this adorable and enjoyable this kid has clearly got a highly developed sense of what mood in music is and how to be expressive A+++ 11/10 look at this lil bby cherub and how musically literate and confident she is what a precious

Now watch this little girl go!

Little Girl Knocks School Performance Out Of The Park!

She's a rockstar!!

Posted by InspireMore on Friday, June 16, 2017