Grab Your Tissues: Dad Videos Daughter on First Day of School for 12 Years

Grab your tissues because we have another doozy for you. You’re probably in the middle of end-of-year picnics, school dances, graduations, and celebrations as your children wrap up yet another year of school, so it might be hard to think about the first day of school that will be coming (way too quickly) in a few months. But you might want to adopt a new first day of school tradition after reading this.

Kevin Scruggs will certainly be getting some Father’s Day love this year. The dad interviewed his daughter, Mackenzie, on video after every first day of school for 13 years. Now that she is graduating from high school, he put the clips into a 3-minute tribute for her as a gift. (Only 1st through 12th grades made the cut due to technical issues with her kindergarten interview.) He asked her questions about what she was looking forward to every year, who her teacher was, and what she did on her first day.

It’s not only pretty cool to watch little Mackenzie grow up right on camera over the course of a few minutes, but it’s also incredibly touching to listen to the dad and daughter chat and express their love for each other.

Kevin posted the video to YouTube and it went viral. Here’s what reported on it:

Meanwhile, Mackenzie apparently saw the video for the first time at a church film festival, and Kevin told the Huffington Post that he could hear her gasp as she watched all the years unfold. We don’t blame her. This video is pretty much the best, most touching gift ever—not to mention an important reminder to embrace every moment because it all goes way too quickly.

You don’t want to miss this video – but don’t forget that it is a tear-jerker!