Chrissy Teigen on PPD: 'I Felt Selfish, Icky, and Weird Saying Aloud that I’m Struggling'

Chrissy Teigen has been vocal about being a parent ever since she became pregnant with daughter Luna Simone, who just turned one in April. The model, who is married to Grammy Award winner John Legend, suffered postpartum depression (PPD) following the birth of her only child. But she recently spoke out about her desire to have more children, despite her previous struggles.

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“I would definitely adopt or have foster children,” Teigen told the magazine.

She said she has fond memories of her pregnancy with her daughter.

“But I loved being pregnant,” Teigen said. “Maybe I should be scared [of having PPD again], but I don’t know. It couldn’t be any worse than it was — could it?”

Teigen didn’t go public with her PPD immediately because she was surprised that she had even been affected by it in the first place.

“I also just didn’t think it could happen to me. I have a great life. I have all the help I could need: John, my mother (who lives with us), a nanny,” she wrote. “But postpartum does not discriminate. I couldn’t control it. And that’s part of the reason it took me so long to speak up: I felt selfish, icky, and weird saying aloud that I’m struggling. Sometimes I still do.”

Considering how adorable little Luna Simone is, we hope that Teigen and Legend decide to expand their family! Luckily Teigen is now aware that she could suffer from PPD again and will hopefully have the support that she needs to get through it.