Astonishing: Newborn Walks Just Minutes After Birth

Babies are incredible. Most parents love to gush about their little ones (with good reason!) even from the moment they are born. They’ll boast about how soon their child opens its eyes, or lifts its head, or even smiles. But how often does a newborn do something truly extraordinary? Sure, we’ve seen babies, just minutes after birth, wiggle their way up to the breast to nurse. But rarely do we see one strut across the room on her own two feet. Until now.

One little girl in Brazil apparently had a lot to do after she was born. The hospital staff filmed the incredible sight of her actually taking steps (while being supported by a labor and delivery nurse). While her little walk is actually a reflex, it is still completely adorable, and looks pretty incredible!

Today’s Parent wrote:

But before your start thinking this baby is the next Stewie from Family Guy, you should know that this miracle is actually a reflex. Known as a stepping reflex, it allows an infant to take steps by putting one foot in front of the other on a flat surface (with a little help, of course).

Check out this little walking wonder in the video below!